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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

This picture is not recent but it is our most recent professional photo (done by very talented

Not gardening related but I thought it would be nice to give you a chance to get to know me a little. And aren't we all struggling to survive this COVID lockdown type situation?

As I mention in my bio (if you have read it), we are a family of 5. Our oldest daughter is 8, our son 7 and our youngest daughter 4. We live on five acres in the foothills of Alberta. My husband works full time as a firefighter as well as a volunteer on a nearby department and I, as a part time primary care paramedic (formally titled EMT). Our jobs can be stressful (as with most jobs) and I aim to keep our home a place of rest and peace. I try to do this by prayer, keeping a loose routine, getting up early before the kids so I am ready to go by the time they wake up, encouraging lots of outside time and attempting from keeping our schedules from being too busy (not a problem during COVID).

Our two older kids are normally off to school five days a week so having them home and being their teacher has been a HUGE change and at times, a challenge. I grew up being homeschooled and have always wished to homeschool my own children, and now I have that chance! Just because this is something I have wanted to do does not mean it is easy. Along with doing the work the teachers send home we have used the free weekly units from along with their full unit on space (my son's request) and beginning next week we will be doing oceans. The kids love these units and it feels great to be able to make at least part of their schooling fun.

We try to begin our school days at 9:00AM (sometimes a little later) with either listing three things we are thankful for or telling of something kind someone in the family has done for us. Then we do prayer, Bible reading, and a read aloud chapter from our current book. Currently we are reading Neil Armstrong's biography. We try to wrap up book work time around 11:00AM. When the weather is nice, this allows us to spend much of the rest of the day outside.

We moved to this home three years ago. Previously we were in town were I had a very small, north facing, backyard. So for those of you who live in town, I get your vegetable gardening struggles! Even though I grew up helping in my mom's garden, I have learned so much about vegetable gardening since moving out here. I love the satisfaction of eating food we raised and grew and the positive environmental impact those choices have. We have around 21 chickens (no, I don't know the actual number, am I supposed to keep track?) as well as 14 meat chickens we are raising for our first time. There are many deer around here and if you have looked at pictures of my garden you will notice the deer fence around it. I am thankful my hubby is super handy and has done all the building for my garden boxes and fence.

One of my very favourite things is taking my coffee out with me to my garden early on summer mornings and drinking my coffee as I weed. Morning are so peaceful and the singing of the birds so cheerful! If you are not a morning person, I think you are missing out!

I would love to hear from you on your gardening challenges and what you would like to know or ways I can help you in your garden. Comment on this post with your gardening questions.

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