Zone 3 Vegetable Gardening

Everything you need to know to grow a successful vegetable garden in the northern climate.

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Zone 3 Vegetable Gardening Family

As an mom of three, the wife of a firefighter, as well as working my part time job as a paramedic, life can be unpredictable in many ways!  Vegetable gardening at our 4 acre home in Alberta gives me room to breathe and calms my soul.  In the garden I feel closer to God and prayers come easily.  I am a generational vegetable gardener.  I can remember my Grandma's wonderful smelling sweet peas and the huge onions she had in her backyard vegetable garden in Calgary, Alberta.  I have many memories of time spent weeding and gardening along side my mom while I was growing up.  Now I am lucky to have my mom coming over to my house working with me in my own vegetable garden!  All the gardnening tips and tricks that have been passed on to me, and that I have learned through my years vegetable gardening I want to share with you to make your gardening experience the best experience possible!  As you know if you are a fellow zone 3 vegetable gardener, gardening in the northern climate is not easy!  There is so much to be learned from other gardeners!  I hope along this journey we can each learn from one another.

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