Zone 3 Vegetable Gardening

Everything you need to know to grow a successful vegetable garden in the northern climate.

Garden Soil from a Calgary Alberta Raise
Krista Green and Family in Zone 3 Calgar
Krista Green working in her Zone 3 Edmon
Garden Soil from a Zone 3 Calgary Albert
Zone 3 Calgary Alberta Vegetable Garden.
Krista Green in Calgary Alberta Vegetabl

About Krista Green

Krista lives on four acres in the foothills of Alberta, Canada with her three children and her husband.  Vegetable gardening and aspirations of being more self-sustaining have been a passion of Krista's for a number of years.  Vegetable gardening in the zone 3 climate can be a challenge.  With so much information available for gardening in warmer climates, Krista aims to inspire and share gardening tips with others gardening in the northern climates and dealing with short growing seasons.  

When not in her garden, Krista enjoys spending time with her husband and children bike riding, camping playing games and working around the house; raising chickens; her job as a paramedic and cooking from scratch.  She has dreams of one day  having sheep, goats and pigs.

Krista fell in love with gardening when she was just a teen, growing pumpkins in the interior of B.C.  Being the middle of 7 children and living in the country meant a large garden to feed the family.  She grew up being homeschooled, allowing for large amounts of time to be spent outdoors in the vegetable garden along side her mom, where she was able to learn gardening tips that had been passed down for generations.

Krista Green and Family in Zone 3 Calgar

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