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A Beginner's Guide to Saving Seeds

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Saving seeds from vegetables and flowers is simple and easy to learn, at least for some of the veggies! Today I'm going to share with you what seeds I like to save from my garden plants and how I go about gathering the seeds and storing them so that I can use them in my garden next year! Saving seeds from vegetables for next year is both rewarding and fun and one more step towards permaculture and being less dependent on others.

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Three simple rules to keep in mind when saving or storing any variety of seed are:

1. Seeds need to be completely dry for storage. If there is any moisture left in the seed when you package it, it will likely break down and will not germinate next year.

2. Store seeds in a dark, cool, dry place. I store my seeds in the back of my fridge over the winter in envelopes. A little tip is to place a silica package with them to absorb any moisture. (You know, that little packet that comes in things like vitamins and shoe boxes?)

3. You can save seeds from any heirloom plant or any plant that is not a hybrid or GMO. It is not recommended to save seeds from hybrid plants as these seeds were created from two different "parent" plants. Seeds saved from hybrids will produce varying results but often these plants tend to be weak and unhealthy.

Today I will cover how to save vegetable and flower seeds including potatoes, garlic, tomato, pea, bean, sweet pea, pepper, cucumber, squash, and nasturtium and marigold seeds.

How to Save Potatoes for Seed Potatoes