• Krista Green

11 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Canada

Updated: May 21, 2021

When starting out, growing vegetables yourself can feel overwhelming. Not all vegetables are equal in their growing difficulty level. By starting with vegetables that are easy to grow in your specific climate, you will set your garden up for success! Included below is a list of the 11 easiest vegetables to grow in Canada or in other similar cool growing climates.

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For all of these seeds with the exception of zucchini, I recommend seeding directly into your garden or container where you plan to grow your plant to maturity and not starting seeds indoors.

If you are a brand new gardener and have not yet built your garden, read this for tips on where to place your vegetable garden.

If you will be growing your vegetables in containers, all of these vegetables will grow just fine in a container! Just make sure your pots are deep enough to support your plants growth. A rule of thumb for plant containers is to keep it at least as deep as the plant will grow tall. The exception to this would be peas or other vining plants.

A huge part of growing a successful vegetable garden is starting with the right soil. Read this to find out what you can do to set your soil up for vegetable gardening success!

11 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Canada

#1 - Lettuce

Lettuce is a vegetable most of us consume on a weekly bases, and when it comes to growing your own vegetables, it's one of the easiest! You will find the seeds are tiny to plant. A few simple tips for growing lettuce, direct sow (don't start indoors) into your garden in a row. I recommend rows because it can attract slugs or rot when planted too densely. I like the buttercrunch lettuce varieties as they grow quickly and can be harvested early. Romain takes longer to grow to maturity, but as with all lettuce, you can harvest leaves from the outside as it matures. Follow planting directions on your seed package. Try to sprinkle seeds lightly. If you end up with too many seeds in one spot, pull out a few once they have grown to about an inch high (this is called thinning). For more tips and tricks on growing lettuce, read this.

Lettuce is an easy vegetables to grow in Alberta, Canada in your backyard zone 3 garden.