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My Favourite Products for Growing Indoors

Updated: Mar 26

Are you hoping to try to grow food indoors year round or to start your own seeds indoors in the spring? I love having plants growing inside even when the snow is flying outdoors! Here I will share with you the products I use for starting seeds indoors with grow lights and for growing vegetables and herbs indoors through the winter in Alberta.

I normally begin planting things like snapdragons and tomatoes in my house near the end of January. (Get my Free Printable Seeding Chart.) In zone 2b/3a Alberta where I live, starting plants indoors in a necessity if you want to grow plants yourself from seed.

Grow Lights

Previously, I tried to grow my plants in a sunny window inside. This is possible but the plants ended up quite leggy and weak. This spring I purchased an indoor greenhouse and grow lights from Amazon and wow! What a difference that made. My plants were stronger, healthier and grew much more quickly. It took at least 2 weeks off the growing time needed to be ready to go outdoors in May.

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The exact grow lights I have are no longer available, but I have something similar to the first ones below with a full spectrum light bar for each shelf in my indoor greenhouse. I have included some other good grow light options for you as well.

Using a timer for your grow lights set to be on for 14 to 16 hours a day makes consistent lighting much easier!

Mini Greenhouse

I use an indoor greenhouse like the ones below to grow my starter plants in the spring. This year I will be using it to grow herbs and vegetables all through the winter! I find seeds germinate so much quicker inside the indoor greenhouse. It cut about 2 to 3 weeks off the time needed to start my plants inside.

These lights and indoor greenhouses work well together! When germinating I would close up the zipper front of the greenhouse and as the plants matured I opened up the zipper front of my enclosed greenhouse.

A tray like this works perfectly underneath the greenhouse to catch water.

I have been using this set up for 3 years now and love it! I normally have it set up where the plants also get some sunlight through the window. If you do that, be careful it doesn't get too hot inside if it is zipped up. I have used this setup for growing through the winter as well. I did find the greens grew slowly and wasn't sure it was worth the effort. Since then I have switched to a grow tower for growing food indoors in the winter.


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