My Favourite Products for Growing Indoors

Updated: Feb 17

Are you hoping to try to grow food indoors year round or to start your own seeds indoors in the spring? I love having plants growing inside even when the snow is flying outdoors! Here I will share with you the products I use for starting seeds indoors with grow lights and for growing vegetables and herbs indoors through the winter in Alberta.

My Indoor Setup

I normally begin planting things like snapdragons and tomatoes in my house near the end of January. In zone 2b/3a Alberta where I live, starting plants indoors in a necessity if you want to grow plants yourself from seed. Previously, I tried to grow my plants in a sunny window inside. This is possible but the plants ended up quite leggy and weak. This spring I purchased an indoor greenhouse and grow lights from Amazon and wow! What a difference that made. My plants were stronger, healthier and grew much more quickly. It took at least 2 weeks off the growing time needed to be ready to go outdoors in May.

This winter I plan to experiment with growing food in my indoor greenhouse throughout the winter. To follow along on my journey be sure to follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook!

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The exact grow lights I have are no longer available, but I have something similar to the ones below with a full spectrum light bar for each shelf in my indoor greenhouse.

Using a timer for your grow lights set to be on for 14 to 16 hours a day makes consistent lighting much easier!

I use an indoor greenhouse like the ones below to grow my starter plants in the spring. This year I will be using it to grow herbs and vegetables all through the winter! I find seeds germinate so much quicker inside the indoor greenhouse. It cut about 2 to 3 weeks off the time needed to start my plants inside.

These lights and indoor greenhouses work well together! When germinating I would close up the zipper front of the greenhouse and as the plants matured I opened up the zipper front of my enclosed greenhouse.

A tray like this works perfectly underneath the greenhouse to catch water.

I am excited to set this all back up in the next month and continue growing food inside our house. I plan to try a leaf lettuce, herbs, a tomato sucker or two, green onions and fingerling carrots. I'm sure I will find more to try as I go!

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