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Vegetable & Herb Seed Checklist

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Have you ever gone to purchase your garden seeds and had no idea what you actually need, so you end up impulse buying all kinds of random seeds? I am guilty of this myself. Now with my FREE downloadable and printable vegetable & herb seed checklist you can determine what you actually need from a list designed specifically for the northern growing zones!

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You can also find this checklist as well as so many other helpful worksheets in my Printable Garden Journal.

When it's time to order seeds, you will want to check out my blog post on Canadian Seed Companies, broken down by province.

A few tips for keeping track of, and storing your seeds:

  • If the year is not printed on the package already, always write the year of purchase on your seed package so you know what germination rates to expect and when it's time to replace your seeds.

  • Hang on to those silica packs that come in shoe boxes and vitamins and throw them in with your seeds. They absorb moisture and will help keep your seeds dry, encouraging a longer seed life.

  • Store your seeds in a cool, dark place. If you have room in an extra fridge, that is a great place to store seeds over the winter.

  • Check out more tips for storing seeds here.

I like to store my seeds in a simple bin. I upgraded from a shoebox to keep them dryer. I separate my seeds by seeding dates with cards (see image below). I tried the fancy photo storage boxes for my seeds but found it hard to look through them with so many separate containers. (Possibly because I have too many seeds?)

Other options that work great are using photo album pages (add these right into your garden journal binder!) or these photo organizers from Amazon.

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