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My 10 Favourite Gardening Tools From Amazon

Updated: Feb 2

Today I want to share with you my favorite gardening tools available from Amazon! This article can be used for ideas of tools that may help you out in your garden or as a gift guide for other gardeners you know! (Or send the link to someone who will be shopping for gifts for you!) Great quality gardening tools not only make time in the garden more productive but they can make it much more enjoyable as well! Click on any of these images to shop the link.

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#1 Fiskars Gardening Trowel

My gardening trowel is one of my most often used vegetable gardening tools. I own a number of the Fiskars brand gardening tools and been very satisfied with the quality. A gardening trowel has many uses including planting, weeding, transplanting and digging up medium to small vegetables.

# 2 Shovel

My next favourite gardening tool has got to be my big shovel! It is useful for mixing compost into garden soil in the spring and fall, digging up large vegetables during harvest, removing large weeds and for planting trees, shrubs or perennials. I don't know what I would do without a good quality shovel!

#3 Watering Can

Every gardener needs a good quality watering can! (Although I have been known to use an empty Folgers container as a watering can in a pinch.) Something like the ones above both look nice and distribute the water evenly so you don't end up with small seeds washed away or a large divot in your soil after watering.

# 4 Snippers

My husband gifted me a pair of these Fiskars gardening snips (image on the top left) for my birthday this year and I have fallen in love with them! They live in my gardening basket and are used nearly every time I head out to the garden. They are amazing for everything from deadheading and pruning to harvesting chives, herbs, lettuce, kale and Swiss Chard, as well as trimming the tops off beets and carrots! If you don't wish to purchase the snips, a high quality pair of scissors also works well.

# 5 Gardening Basket

A good gardening basket has many uses for the gardener! From gathering fresh herbs and veggies to carrying weeds and pruning clippings or a place for your seeds, trowel and gloves, a good gardening basket makes the perfect gardening companion. Before owning a garden basket I seemed to always be on the hunt for a container to take out to the garden with me, and I would wash it every time I used it. Now I just grab my basket with my snips waiting inside it and I'm ready to go!

# 6 Gloves

Although I don't normally wear gloves when gardening, they are perfect for when you would like to keep your hands clean or when you have a prickly weed or shrub to deal with. Every gardener needs a good pair of gardening gloves!

# 7 Gardening Hoe

I use my hoe most often during planting time. A garden hoe makes the perfect tool for creating those beautiful straight garden rows to plant your seeds in! They are also perfect for removing small to medium weeds from the ground.

# 8 Pruning Sheers

A set of good quality pruning sheers are invaluable to the avid gardener! The Felco pair in the first image is the most expensive but the best quality (IMO)! The 3rd image is your least expensive pair. Pruning sheers are needed for trimming branches or pruning bushes. They also work perfectly for pruning tomatoes or cutting back perennials in the fall!

# 9 Watering Timer

We have this timer for our garden watering system and it is a life saver! No more having to remember to water the garden or worrying about it when we are on vacation. This timer is easy to use and has given us no problems over the two years we have owned it. A timer may be just what the gardener you know needs to make their watering worry free!

This water timer attachment for your garden hose is one of our favorite gardening tools.
Our watering timer

# 10 Indoor Greenhouse

If the gardener you know likes to start their plants indoors in the spring themselves, an indoor greenhouse may be the perfect gift! I love starting my own tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs and flowers in my house. Having an indoor greenhouse gives me so much more growing room and I find my seeds germinate and grow so much better inside it!

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