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Best Places to Buy Garden Seeds in Canada

Updated: Jan 8

There are so many great places to buy garden seeds in Canada! A common question early each each spring is "Where should I purchase my vegetable garden seeds from"? Today I will share some of the most popular and some of the less popular but equally as good places to buy your vegetable garden seeds in Canada (specifically western Canada), broken down by province, as well as top 3 favourite places to purchase seeds from!

My Followers Favorite Places to Buy Garden Seeds in Canada

I conducted a survey with my Facebook group and the top 3 favorite companies to buy seeds from in Canada were:

# 1 West Cost Seeds (affiliate link) -

# 2 Vesey Seeds -

# 3 Heritage Harvest Seeds -

Browsing through catalogs, ordering seeds and planning for our gardens each year is such a fun part of gardening! Most of these companies carry both GMO and non-GMO heirloom seed varieties with some of the seed companies carrying heirloom varieties only. A few of these companies offer mail out catalogs! I am one of those people who love a physical catalog I can read through again and again, circling, highlighting and making notes as I go.

Disclosure:  This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  It also contains an affiliate link to Zappa seeds from whom I may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Here is a list that is by no means exhaustive of garden seed companies in Canada. If I am not familiar with the company and have not used their seeds I have not included notes specific to that company.

British Columbia Seed Companies

Pacific Northwest Seeds -

Located in Vernon B.C. Pacific Northwest Seeds can not be purchased online but are a brand I often look out for in stores.

West Coast Seeds (affiliate link) -

West Coast Seeds offers a wide variety of seeds with a selection of heirloom seeds. They also mail out catalogs. I have used their seeds for years and love them!

Wildwood Express -

Not just a seed company, but a benefit of ordering seeds from Wildwood Express is that they sell many seed brands including Aimers Organic, Burpee, Cornucopia, Mr. Fothergill's, Good Earth Farms, McKenzie Seeds, Renee's Garden and West Coast Seeds. I have ordered from them and had a good experience.

Alberta Seed Companies

A'Bundah Seeds -

A small seed company carrying short season, open-pollinated heirloom seeds.

Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes -

This is where I ended up ordering my original seed potatoes from.

Casey's Heirloom Tomatoes -

A great place to find heirloom tomatoes good for the zone 3 gardening climate!

Heirloom Seed Vault -

Wildrose Heritage Seeds -

Located in Lethbridge, Alberta. I have ordered from and enjoyed Wildrose Heritage Seeds. They do not carry quite the selection of larger companies but have some great varieties for the zone 3 gardener. I love being able to support a local seed company!

Saskatchewan Seed Companies

Prairie Garden Seeds -

Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company -

Early's Farm and Garden Center -

Manitoba Seed Companies

Heritage Harvest Seeds -

Heritage Harvest seeds are all open pollinated, non-hybrid and non-GMO. I have purchased and grown their seeds the last few years and have been pleased with the quality. Heritage Harvest Seeds currently does not ship outside Canada.

Lindenberg Seeds offers a free seed catalogue to Canadian addresses if you are willing to sign up for their mailing list.

McKenzie Seeds -

McKenzie Seeds are one of the most common varieties of seeds you will likely find in stores. They carry a large selection of many varieties of seeds.

T&T Seeds -

T&T Seeds not only sells seeds but also a large selection of trees, shrubs and vines that they will ship.

Ontario Seed Companies

Matchbox Garden Seeds -

William Dam Seeds -

William Dam offers a free mail catalogue!

Zappa seeds are all non-GMO. I have tried their seeds and loved them! Germination was great and I was very pleased with how well the plants grew. I am an associate with Zappa and earn a commission from seeds purchased through this link.


Heirloom Seeds -

Hortinova Seeds -

Northern Seeds -

New Brunswick Seed Companies

Atlantic Pepper Seeds -

Rainbow Seeds -

Nova Scotia Seed Companies

Annapolis Seeds -

Incredible Seed Company -

Prince Edward Island Seed Companies

Veseys Seeds -

Veseys Seeds offers a wide selection of vegetable and flower seeds as well as gardening supplies. They also offer a free mail catalogue!

Be sure to print off my free printable seed checklist to make sure you don't miss out on anything you want to grow in your vegetable garden!

Check out Starting Seeds Indoors for tips on indoor seed starting dates, When to Plant Your Garden for your outdoor seeding dates as well as Easy Vegetables to Grow in Canada for tips and tricks on growing your seeds!

For those of you who are also Canadian, hopefully this has given you an option that suits you perfectly to purchase your garden seeds locally in Canada.

As stated above, this list of Canadian seed companies is by no means exhaustive. If you have ideas of companies that you feel should be included please comment and I will try to get them added!


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Find out where to buy vegetable seeds in Canada with a list of. Alberta seed companies included.

Best places to order organic heritage garden seeds in Canada pin for pinterest showing garden seeds on a wooden plate.

Vegetable seed packages from seed companies in Canada.


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Hi! I have a unique rare and endangered seed company called Garden Faerie Botanicals, located above Grindrod, BC.


Jo Pearson
Jo Pearson
Feb 09, 2023

All seeds in all of North America are non-GMO. "Only large commercial agencies can buy GMO seeds for commercial use. While some home gardening seeds are labelled “GMO-free”, this is simply a marketing tactic, as all garden seeds are GMO-free. In horticulture, selective breeding is used, which is different from creating GMO seed"


Krista Green
Krista Green
Feb 06, 2021

Thanks Sue! I will try to get the link for them added!


My favorite for the past 20 plus years has been Salt Spring Seeds on Salt Spring Island, B.C. They are heirloom and organic and the shipping is super fast. He has authored a number of books and have read them all but my favorite is his book on saving seeds. Love it!

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