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Best Places to Buy Garden Seeds in Canada

Updated: Jan 13

There are so many great places to buy garden seeds in Canada! A common question early each each spring is "Where should I purchase my vegetable garden seeds from"? Today I will share some of the most popular and some of the less popular but equally as good places to buy your vegetable garden seeds in Canada (specifically western Canada), broken down by province, as well as top 3 favourite places to purchase seeds from!

My Followers Favorite Places to Buy Garden Seeds in Canada

I conducted a survey with my Facebook group and the top 3 favorite companies to buy seeds from in Canada were:

# 1 West Cost Seeds (affiliate link) -

# 2 Vesey Seeds -

# 3 Heritage Harvest Seeds -

Browsing through catalogs, ordering seeds and planning for our gardens each year is such a fun part of gardening! Most of these companies carry both GMO and non-GMO heirloom seed varieties with some of the seed companies carrying heirloom varieties only. A few of these companies offer mail out catalogs! I am one of those people who love a physical catalog I can read through again and again, circling, highlighting and making notes as I go.

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Here is a list that is by no means exhaustive of garden seed companies in Canada. If I am not familiar with the company and have not used their seeds I have not included notes specific to that company.

British Columbia Seed Companies

Pacific Northwest Seeds -

Located in Vernon B.C. Pacific Northwest Seeds can not be purchased online but are a brand I often look out for in stores.

West Coast Seeds (affiliate link) -

West Coast Seeds offers a wide variety of seeds with a selection of heirloom seeds. They also mail out catalogs. I have used their seeds for years and love them!