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Updated: Mar 14

Companion planting refers to the strategy of considering how one plant affects another and purposely planting those plants that can benefit one another close together, while avoiding planting those that may be a detriment near each other. Certain plants are known to improve the growth, development and production of a companion plant when planted in close proximity. Companion planting involves the observation of how particular plants benefit other species of plants growing nearby in four main areas: by natural pest and disease control, improving soil conditions, attracting pollinators and differing heights or growth patterns of plants that can act as a symbiotic relationship with one another by shading or trellising.

How to Use Companion Planting in Your Vegetable Garden?

When planning your garden, consider this companion planting guide and plan your vegetable and herb locations accordingly. Keep beneficial companion plants within 3 feet to obtain maximum benefit and detrimental plants at least 3 feet away. Don't feel like you need every companion plant to be near each plant but choose one or two to plant close by.

Request your free printable copy of my companion planting guide here.

Free printable vegetable and herb companion planting guide, from Calgary Alberta.


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