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Natural Weed Killer

Updated: May 23, 2023

Who doesn't want to get rid of weeds without using harsh and poisonous chemicals? But do natural weed killers work? I finally got around to mixing some up and trying it out and you HAVE to check out these results!

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Natural Weed Killer Recipe

The recipe I used for my natural weed killer was 1 gallon vinegar, 2 cups Epsom salts and 1/4 cup liquid dish soap. I shook the mixture in our sprayer for 90 seconds to dissolve the Epsom salts.

Natural weed killer recipe using vinegar, epsom salts and dish soap.

For best results spray your natural weed killer on a warm day when the ground is dry and when you aren't expecting rain in the next 24 hours. Avoid watering were you sprayed for the next day or two. This helps the weed roots absorb the undiluted natural weed killer.

I used a sprayer like this one to apply the mixture.

Supplies to make a natural weed killer recipe include vinegar, Epsom salts and Dawn dish soap.

What Does This Kill?

This natural week killer recipe kills everything, including grass. It makes the soil uninhabitable by plants. Don't use this on your lawn unless you want dead spots, or in your garden where you want to plant later.

This week killer is perfect for walkways and driveways where you don't want anything to grow.

Weed Fertilizer Tea

If you are up for digging out your weeds, don't just throw them out. If your weeds haven't begun to go to seed, add water to them and make a fertilizer tea for your plants.


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How to make a natural weed killer recipe using vinegar, epsom salts and dish soap.


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4 תגובות

Rose Bayer
Rose Bayer
29 ביולי 2022

Hi Krista! Thank you for another great post. I've used the same formula your recommending for weeds for several years and it works incredibly well. For us it worked wonders on thistles and dandelions and creeping Charlie but didn't do much for some other stubborn perennial weeds. I don't know the names of those other weeds,so was wondering if you ever had some extra time if you could do a post on weeds with photos of them to help identify what they are, I would be so very grateful. Thank you again and have a good day!


Karen Kerkhoff
Karen Kerkhoff
10 ביוני 2022

FYI - Epson Salt is not the same as the salt used on roads and sidewalks to melt ice. It is magnesium sulfate and is useful in the garden. Look up garden uses for epson salt. 🙂

Krista Green
Krista Green
13 ביוני 2022
בתשובה לפוסט של

Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, magnesium (like nitrogen) is good for plants in small amounts where larger amounts burn the roots. It is safe for use in soil.


Jeffery Thole
Jeffery Thole
20 במאי 2022

I consider Epsom Salt to be a harsh and poisonous chemical. It is bad for the environment and stays in the soil for years.

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