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Unique Camping Options - Camp at a Homestead

Recently I became aware of a super fun and unique camping option and wanted to share it with you guys! Did you know that you can go camp on peoples homesteads? That, while camping at these homesteads, you may get the opportunity to experience different types of homestead life? Or, if you live on a piece of land and want to share it with others, you can earn an income by hosting campers at your place? If you had no idea about this, you are not alone. I only found out about it this summer.

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Hipcamp.  I was so excited to hear of their mission and have the privilege of working with them.

My Experience Hosting Through Hipcamp

This weekend we hosted campers on our property through the Hipcamp website. We had a wonderful family come out to camp at our place with their little girl. She was so excited to see our chickens and help collect eggs! It was a joy to walk through the garden with the family and help their little one pick some carrots, peas and cucumbers. To watch her be able to wash them up and eat them so fresh. I think sometimes we take so many of these wonderful privileges and experiences for granted when we have them everyday. Seeing them through fresh eyes gave me a renewed heart of gratitude for our home and all we have been blessed with.

What is Hipcamp?

Hipcamp is a website and company that connects private landowners and campers in an opportunity to share all different types of land and homes with those who camp there. If you are a homesteader wanting to earn some extra income from your homestead, working with Hipcamp is an easy way to do that. One thing I thought was so amazing is that they ask that you don't stop your normal homesteading activities while hosting campers, rather continue on as normal so that your campers get a chance to see what is involved in homestead life. This may be watering and harvesting your vegetable garden (like me), getting eggs or feeding and caring for your animals. Maybe it is harvesting fields of grain. This may just seem dusty and dirty to those who do it everyday, but for a camping family this may be a once in a lifetime chance to see where their food really comes from!

A mom and her daughter in a hammock while camping in Alberta.