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Vegetables That Grow Quickly | Can be Planted Late Spring

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Maybe you had a busy spring and are just getting around to planting your garden now or maybe you made a new garden bed and are wondering if it is too late to plant. Don't let these things stop you from planting! There are still many herbs and vegetables that will mature in time for you to have a plentiful harvest. Many vegetables have 60 days to maturity or less and can be planted up until the end of June while still allowing enough time for growth and harvest. Carefully check your seed package to be sure the variety you chose has expected days to maturity that falls prior to your first expected fall frost.

A benefit of planting later in spring is warmer soil temperatures. This gives most seeds shorter germination time as well as rapid plant growth!

A woman planting quick growing seeds in late spring in her backyard zone 3 vegetable garden in Calgary Alberta Canada.

Vegetables to Plant in Late Spring

Vegetables with 60 days or less to maturity that can be planted in late spring or early summer include:

Perennial plants such as asparagus, chives, mint, raspberries, rhubarb, and strawberries can be purchased as established plants at a greenhouse and planted anytime during spring or summer to give you a harvest this growing season as well as years to come!


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Fast growing vegetables with short days to maturity growing in raised bed vegetable gardens in zone 3 Calgary Alberta Canada

Green and purple garden lettuce in a wicker basket with tomatoes and dill and the words "vegetables to plant in late spring".

A wicker basket full of garden vegetables and flowers with the words "vegetables that grow incredibly quickly"


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