Do you have trouble keeping your gardening notes organized and recording all you want to each year?  Do you want better records of what you grew, the weather, how much you grew and how much you preserved?  If so this printable gardening journal is perfect for you!


Included this beautiful 40 page garden planner you will find everything you need to record your gardening year including:

- A companion planting guide.

- Date suggestions for starting seeds indoors.

- Fill in the blank pages to record your planting dates and success.

- A place to record plant growth notes each week.

- A place to record weather.

- A page to record pests, disease and treatments

- A page to record fertilizer applications.

- Pages to record your garden harvest and what you preserve.

- A page to record seeds saved.

- Pages to organize garden notes.

- Gardening tips!


Print multiple pages if you find you have more to record or print only the pages you wish to use.  You can print this and have it spiral bound or keep it in a binder along with other gardening notes you gather throughout the year.    




2022 Garden Journal (Digital Download)