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This latest edition of this journal has 12 more pages than the 2023 journal.  I think you will love the new layout where I have combined garden harvest, growth notes and weather so that it is even easier to record and to compare to past years.


Inside this beautiful 52 page garden planner you will find everything you need to record your gardening year including:


- Companion Planting Guide

- Gardening tips

- Vegetables to Grow Checklist

- Planning Pages

- Seed Checklists

- Indoor Seeding Guide

- Plant Growth, Weather & Harvest trackers by week (from January to November)

- Fun Observations

- Pests, Disease and TreatmentsTracker

- Fertilizer and Amendment Tracker

- Preserved Harvest Tracking Sheets

- Seeds Saved Tracker

- Expense Tracker

- Things to Change Next Year Pages




Free shipping to Canada and USA. 


I am SO happy with the quality of print on these beautiful garden journals this year and I am confident you will be as well!

2024 Hard Copy Garden Journal

C$31.99 Regular Price
C$28.99Sale Price

Spring Sale

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