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Do you want to grow a vegetable garden and wish for guidance on where and how to start? Do you feel like you would love to have someone tell you what to do when it comes to vegetable gardening? Are you unsure of what to grow in the gardening space you have? If so this vegetable gardening coaching package is perfect for you!


With this garden coaching package you will receive personal advice and a personalised garden plan so that you can be growing and harvesting your own fresh, organic produce in no time!


Included in this coaching package:

Advice on your current garden plan.

Two hours worth of phone or video chats to answer your gardening questions and to offer advice.

Free access to any of my online courses during this 2 month period.

Materials sent to you to help you get started, including a digital download of my 2023 garden planner!

The option to send gardening related questions to me during the two months following your purchase via email. I will do my best to respond within 48 hours.


If you are located within 10 kilometers of Black Diamond I am able to do one on site consultaion.


The detailed review of your garden plans can include up to 100 square feet of gardening space and will take companion planting, soil, lighting and water into consideration.


Phone calls or video chats can be booked during your 2 month period in up to 4 separate sessions. At least 10 time option slots will be given to you and if these do not work I will do my best to work together to figure out times. If not used in the two month period, these will expire and no longer be valid for use.


Included in this garden consulting package you will also be placed on a special email list and will receive emails with insider gardening advice and materials for the remainder of the 2023 gardening year!


Only 3 packages available each month. Don't miss out!


*Zone 3 Vegetable Gardening does not take responsibility for the outcome of your garden and has the right to discontinue consulting at their discretion. If consulting is discontinued you will be reimbursed for the unused portion of your package.

Vegetable Garden Coaching Package

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