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Zone 3 Vegetable Gardening

Gardening tips and tricks to help you grow a successful vegetable garden in the northern zone 3 climate.

Gardening in Calgary in a backyard zone 3 garden.  Gardening girl in a blue shirt standing in front
A girl holding a large garden cabbage in her Calgary garden backyard zone 3 vegetable garden.
A girl in a blue t-shirt and hat gardening in a raised bed vegetable garden, planting a marigold in
Garden soil in hands from a zone 3 Calgary garden, backyard vegetable garden.
Garden vegetables, including colored carrots, corn, broccoli, cucumbers and lettuce, in a basket gro
A girl gardening in a blue t-shirt inside a small backyard greenhouse, gardening in Calgary Alberta
A girl gardening in Calgary in raised bed vegetable gardens in zone 3 Alberta.
Bella Raye Photography-15
Krista Green and Family in Zone 3 Calgar
Krista Green in Calgary Alberta Vegetabl
Onions growing in a Calgary garden in zone 3.

How to Grow Larger Onions in Your Backyard Vegetable Garden

I used to make 3 mistakes when growing onions.  Read more to learn what I had to change to begin growing large onions in my backyard, zone 3 vegetable garden in Calgary Alberta.

Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

These easy to grow vegetables are perfect for the beginner gardener!  Choosing these vegetables will give you the best chance for success in growing your zone 3 garden.

A wicker basket filled with garden vegetables from a backyard Calgary garden, growing vegetables in zone 3.
Raised bed vegetable gardens in Calgary that have been companion planting for vegetable gardens, including companion plants for tomatoes and companion plants for cucumbers.

Free Printable Companion Planting Chart

Find out how to use companion planting in your garden to attract pollinators and to minimize garden pests.  Print my free companion planting chart to use when planning your zone 3 vegetable garden.

The Best Soil for Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens

Soil layers in raised beds can be used to feed growing vegetables for years to come.  Using these layers in your raised bed will not only provide vegetables with nutrients but also help your garden to better retain mosture.

A gril planting in soil layers for a raised bed vegetable garden, gardening in Calgary Alberta in a zone 3 garden.

About Krista Green

A family standing in front of a backyard greenhouse used for gardening in Calgary Alberta, growing vegetables in zone 3.

Krista lives on a 4 acre homestead in the foothills of Calgary, Alberta, along with her husband and 3 children.  Vegetable gardening and self-sufficiency have been a passion of Krista's for a number of years.  Krista's aspires to share her gardening knowledge with others, to help them navigate growing vegetables in the often challenging  zone  3 gardening climate.

Krista helped in the family vegetable garden growing up in Vernon BC and then later near Calgary Alberta.  At the age of 16, she started a job at a greenhouse in the Calgary area.  She continued working there  (some years only part time) for the next 10 years.  As an adult, Krista has always grown a vegetable garden in whatever space was available.  Some years that meant a garden bed in the local community garden.  

Growing healthy, organic, fresh food for her family has always been important to Krista, and through this website she hopes to help each of you who strive to do the same.

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