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How to Make Strawberry Rock Bird Deterrents

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Strawberry rocks work well to deter birds from eating your succulent strawberries when put out 3 weeks before your strawberries start to turn red. The idea is that the birds see the bright red rocks and check them out by pecking at them. Soon they learn that these attractive rocks are not food and leave them alone. When the strawberries appear in the same location, they don't bother to check them out.

I have heard from many followers who have had great success deterring birds from their strawberries using this method. You may end up with a few strawberries pecked by birds but, I have found in my own patch, that most of my strawberries have been left alone after we started using these rocks.

DIY garden crafts, strawberry rock bird decoy for your garden with supply list and instructions.
Strawberry rocks painted over a year ago and left outdoors all year.

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Painting strawberry rocks is a perfect activity to do with any children in your life. They have a great time hunting for rocks and covering them in red paint! This paint is not washable so cover surfaces or make it an outdoor activity.

Instructions For Making Strawberry Rock Bird Decoys

Supply List

  • Rocks close in size to strawberries.

  • Red acrylic craft paint. (If you want to make them look cute with green tops and black seeds, add green and black paint to the list.)

  • Shellac glaze.

Use acrylic craft paint and a shellac gloss to paint strawberry rock bird decoys.